12 Healthy Wrap Recipes

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May 20, 2012

Pack one (or some!) of these healthy wraps on your next picnic outing.

Crunchy vegetable alfalfa sprout wrap
Crunchy vegetable alfalfa sprout wrap

Planning a picnic? Keep it healthy with one of these delicious wrap recipes.

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Dijon Egg Salad Wraps

Make this salad a night so that it’s ready to roll up in a wrap for lunch the next day.

Honey Ginger Chicken Wraps

Honey Ginger Chicken Wraps

This simple recipe requires almost no equipment and not much time.


Asparagus Wraps

The unbeatable combination of mellow asparagus with crispy coating, salty prosciutto and a touch of cheese makes this a lip-smacking veggie.

Garden Vegetable Wrap

Whole-grain tortillas, hummus, cucumber, carrots and peppers combine in this super healthy wrap.


Crunchy Vegetable and Alfalfa Sprout Wraps

Alfalfa is one of the most nutritious foods out there. Its packed with calcium, chlorophyll, carotene, and vitamin K.

Sunshine Wrap

Whole-grain tortillas, your favorite preserves and nut butter, and dried apples and cranberries make a grown up PB&J.

Turkey Caprese Wrap

Turkey Caprese Wrap

Makes a healthy, yet satisfying lunch when served with raw organic baby carrots, a piece of fruit, and a handful or two of homemade trail mix (made with nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips).

Southwest Chicken Wraps

This kid-friendly chicken wrap gets an infusion of fiber from hummus, peppers and spinach.

Tasty Tuna Wraps

Perfect for lunch or dinner, these tuna sandwich wraps are stuffed with celery, grapes and herbs.

turkey wraps

Thai Turkey Wraps

These reduced-fat turkey wraps feature roasted turkey breast with fresh ginger and red pepper for a healthy meal.


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