5 Slim Super Bowl Starters

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February 2, 2012

Headed out to watch the big game? Bring along one of these crowd-pleasing (and calorie-conscious) snacks.

Carousing Cucumber Rounds with Rummy Hummus
Carousing Cucumber Rounds with Rummy Hummus

Snacking and the Super Bowl go together like a touchdown and a field goal. Forgo the typical high-calorie chip-and-dips for these healthier, low-cal, super-delicious ideas!


Smoky Bean Baked Nachos

This recipe uses baked chips, a delicious and flavorful base of pinto beans with smoky chipotle pepper, lots of fresh salsa, and just a smattering of high-quality cheese.


Heavenly Omega-Boosted Deviled Eggs

A great, healthier spin on an American classic.


Carousing Cucumber Rounds with Rummy Hummus

The crunchy cucumbers cool down the assertive and spicy, lightly rummy hummus, bringing balance and satisfaction to this appetizer.


Hamburger Dip

A lightened-up favorite perfect for family gatherings.


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