Test Run: The Valslide

on May 12, 2010
The Valslide provides a great workout.

What it is: The Valslide ($29.99 for two slides plus instruction book ; $37.99 for additional travel bag, Valband elastic band, and two workouts) are two oblong disks with a foamlike surface on one side and slippery plastic on the other. Place your hands or feet (depending on the move) on the foam side and slide through strength exercises like lunges or pushups to create more resistance for your muscles as you struggle to maintain your form.

The promise: The makers of the Valslide — specifically its namesake and creator, celebrity trainer Valerie Waters — claim that the Valslide transforms simple one-note exercises into compound moves using two or more muscle groups at a time, making for a more intense workout experience in a shorter amount of time. They also hype the Valslide’s portability for fitness-minded folks on the go.

From the tester (Lisa D):
Pros: “I was amazed that something so small and simple made for such challenging exercises. The workouts in the little booklet were really challenging. I loved the side lunges, where you slide your straight leg out to the side like a skater, and the pushups, where you slide your arms out into a T when you lower and then back in under your shoulders as you rise up. I slipped them into my suitcase for a business trip and got a great workout in my hotel room!”

Cons: “The foam-covered side picks up dirt pretty easily, and the workouts in the instruction book are kind of tough to follow. But all in all, this gadget skeptic is sold!”

Bottom line: If you want a simple way to boost the effectiveness of your workout, get out of a fitness rut, or have trouble fitting in workouts when you’re traveling, the Valslide is a great investment.

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