11 Chili Recipes Worth Cheering For

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January 30, 2012

Get ready for the Super Bowl with a nice, warm bowl of chili. These recipes are sure to fit the bill.

Black bean hominy chili
Black bean hominy chili

Whether hosting a crowd or watching the Super Bowl with a small number of folks, put on a pot of chili and enjoy the big game!

Super Bowl of Garden Chili

Vegetarian chili is a wonderful way to win over nonvegetarians and dispel the myth that meatless dishes are boring.

chicken chili

Chicken Chili

Rotisserie chicken and canned garbanzo beans make this hearty chili an easy meal.

Throw-It-In Chili

Throw in some fresh ingredients and open some cans for this magnificent chili packed with dazzling flavors and secret ingredients.


Easy Chili with Corn

Meat, salsa, corn, beef broth and beans are the foundation for this quick chili.


Black Bean Hominy Chili

This chili works well with black beans, or whatever beans you have available. The same goes for the hominy--feel free to substitute frozen or fresh corn.

Easy White Chicken Chili

If you forget to soak beans overnight, this is a great way to enjoy a fresh bean dish the same day: the quick-soak method.

Southwestern Shrimp and Black Bean Chili

A fabulous low-fat blend of shrimp and black beans.

White Chili with Tomato Salsa

A low-fat chicken chili delled up with fresh salsa.


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