Kickboxing Do’s and Don’ts

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on November 20, 2012

Do: Bring your can-do attitude. Getting in the door and putting on gloves is more than half the battle.

Don’t: Expect a technical karate or martial arts class. HotBox is a fitness class, a workout inspired by kickboxing.

Don’t: Eat right before class. Try eating a light meal or snack two hours prior.

Do: Hydrate. Drink plenty of water before and after class. There is a water break mid-way through, so bring water with you.

Do: Take a break when you need it.

Do: Modify moves if you have an injury or if you’re less flexible or weaker in certain areas. For example, if your leg is sore, you can hit the bag with your elbow rather than kick with your foot. Ask your instructor for specifics.

Do: Let the instructor wrap your hands the first time and demonstrate proper wrapping technique. A supportive but not-too-tight wrap is key for comfort and safety.

Do: Bring a towel. Or two (you’ll sweat a lot!).