What is Preterm Labor?

January 27, 2014

Understanding the causes of preterm labor during pregnancy.

All About Ectopic Pregnancies

Learn the signs for detecting an ectopic pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, you’ve got a whole host of things to worry about—your diet, your stress level, the nursery theme. And, yes—how to exercise safely is right up there on the list. “When most women get pregnant, they think that it’s time to switch to yoga, but doctors say that nearly all types of exercise are safe during pregnancy,” says Kathleen Donahoe, senior instructor at Oh Baby! Fitness in Atlanta. Always check with your doctor before you begin exercising, and know that there are several great options for keeping you healthy during pregnancy while also helping you prepare for delivery. Here are our experts’ top picks.

The Safest Exercises for Pregnancy

If you're pregnant, stay fit and active with these exercises that won't put your pregnancy at risk.

Understanding the Causes of Miscarriage

Understanding the causes of miscarriage during pregnancy.


Is a Weekly Wine Habit Safe During Pregnancy?

A new study suggests "light drinking" does not affect baby's brain


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