November 2012


One-on-One With Carla Hall
Chef Carla Hall, star of ABC’s “The Chew,” shares her prescription and top tips for a healthier, stress-free Thanksgiving holiday, plus three guilt-free recipes.

Dr. Oz and Have All the Answers
The experts share their advice on diagnosing fibromyalgia, headaches while traveling, and preventing holiday weight gain.

Quit Smoking: A Woman’s Way
Specific strategies for how to quit smoking, tailored to a woman’s needs.

Stop Diabetes!
Find out how to do your part during this, American Diabetes Month.

Anti-Wrinkle Ammo
The real deal on those unusual things in your new skin care products.

Get rid of that upper-arm jiggle with these three simple moves.

Seven surprising factors that may boost your odds of developing diabetes—and how to protect yourself. Plus, get info about the different types and stages of diabetes.

Holiday Pet Safety Pointer
One holiday surprise you don’t want to give your pup this season.


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