8 Healthy Travel Essentials

on July 26, 2011

Bug off.

If you’re trekking to a city with a reputation for bedbugs (find trouble spots here), first check your room, and travel with protection. Keep clothes in a bug-proof bag within your suitcase (don’t unpack them), like the Bedbug ZipTech Luggage Liner ($22), and if you encounter bedbugs, wash everything immediately upon returning home.

Snack right.

Bypass airplane and highway fare and go DIY at snack time. Grab firm produce that doesn’t bruise easily, like naturally low-calorie apples and carrots, and pair with a protein- and fiber-rich nut and dried fruit mix or a 108-calorie Kind Mini Fruit and Nut Delight bar ($6.99) for a balanced, guilt-free bite.

Drink up.

Dehydration can lead to amplified jet lag (no thanks!) and an increased risk of catching a cold. Grab the Vapur Anti-Bottle ($8.99), a ½ liter collapsible water bottle that flattens down to fit easily in your carry-on, saving you space and money on overpriced bottled water.

Dream away.

Catch elusive sleep in those cramped coach seats with the 40 Blinks Sleep Mask and Minnie Travel Pillow ($10.98 and $19.95). They’re soft, mold to your body, and pack down easily, helping you rest up for your adventure ahead.

Walk happy.

Strap on Teva’s Mush Frio MJ Mesh ($45) for long walks through the airport or the streets of your destination. They’re compressible, extremely light at less than 4 ounces, and slip on and off easily for those scrambles through security.

Stay clean.

The pesky side effect of hydrating? Extra trips to the often-yucky loo. Whether they’re gas station or mile-high, wipe away germs with Bath and Body Works PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel (under $5), a tough cleaner that comes in a variety of delicate scents, like Fresh Lavender.

8 Healthy Travel Essentials

Pack our list of good-for-you gotta-haves for your best vacation ever.

Find your way.

Download mTrip , a smart phone app for iPhone, iPod, and Android with city guides for 27 cities around the world ($5.99 per city). You can create a personalized itinerary with walking or public transportation directions without getting online, so no roaming charges.

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