10 Holiday Veggie Sides

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on November 11, 2014
10 Holiday Veggie Sides
The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, finding herbivore-friendly dishes during the holidays can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Rather than consigning yourself to yet another green bean casserole, celebrate this holiday season with rich and hearty vegetarian side dishes that are deceptively healthy, too. With everything from pumpkin casseroles to spicy butternut squash, these to-die-for veggie dishes will make the perfect addition to any herbivore or carnivore’s holiday feast.

Savory Pumpkin and Oat Casserole

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

Vegan Sandra

Replace pasta with oats in this Savory Pumpkin and Oat Casserole from Vegan Sandra for a lighter, low-carb side dish without having to skimp on the creamy goodness of a casserole dish.

Cinnamon Apple Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

10 Holiday Veggie Sides


Warm and sweet side dishes are especially enjoyable in the colder months. Delight in the delicious flavor of a dessert-like dish without any sugary toppings in this Cinnamon Apple Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe from VeguKate.

Crispy Baked Butternut Squash Fries

10 Holiday Veggie Sides


Get the best of both worlds with these crispy and chewy Baked Butternut Fries from Foodess. Let the butternut squash speak for itself in this tasty recipe, which only calls for a little oil, salt and pepper.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Smoked Paprika and Turmeric

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Celebrate butternut squash with bold spices like paprika and turmeric in this easy recipe from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. Turmeric has cancer-fighting benefits so you can rest easy while filling up your plate.

Vegetarian Pumpkin and Kale Pasta Bake

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman

This comforting pasta bake from The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman combines two of our personal favorites: pumpkin and kale. Lighter cheeses are used along with pumpkin puree to create a healthy, but super creamy texture.

Autumn Squash and Kale with Sage

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

Borrowed Salt

Borrowed Salt’s side dish is a bowl of the wonderful fall season in its purest form. The root vegetables mixed with leeks, kale and sage make this healthy salad an absolute must-have at our holiday table.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Apples, Onion, and Crispy Sage

10 Holiday Veggie Sides


These roasted vegetables from Food52 are an easy side dish to prepare that maintains the juiciness of the apples, chewiness and sweet aroma of the potatoes, and the tangy crispiness of the onions.

Rich Root Vegetable Casserole

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

The Humble Plate

The Humble Plate’s vegan Rich Root Vegetable Casserole is unlike any common holiday side dish. The fluffy texture comes from a combination of sweet potatoes and hummus.

Garlic and Kale Acorn Squash

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

Jessi’s Kitchen

Warm up with healthy sautéed kale stuffed in a filling, savory acorn squash. The beautiful presentation of this recipe from Jessi’s Kitchen is practically decoration itself!

Roasted Butternut with Black Garlic and Miso

10 Holiday Veggie Sides

Feasting at Home

Try something a little less traditional with Feasting At Home’s Black Garlic Miso Roasted Butternut Squash. This side dish is topped with honey and cilantro for an unexpected sweetness.