2012 Most Valuable Motivator: Tracey Mallett

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on October 25, 2012
Tracey Mallet interview.

Name: Tracey Mallett

Claim to Fame: You might know her as the posterchild of the enormously popular ballet-inspired workout Booty Barre, but Tracey Mallett’s history with fitness goes way back. Born in the United Kingdom, Tracey started ballet dancing at the age of 3 and later worked as a professional dancer at London’s prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Upon moving to the United States in 1996, she immediately penetrated the health and fitness industry, appearing on various programs such as Fox Fit TV, Fox & Friends, Access Hollywood and more. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of fitness, Pilates and dance techniques, Tracey has released a number of workout DVDs and written two best-selling fitness books, Sexy in 6 and Super Fit Mama. With her contagious energy and bubbly personality, Tracey Mallett inspires millions of women across the world to be the best they can be. Recently, she joined the fight against childhood obesity, working on Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign alongside Ellen DeGeneres. Tracey lives in Pasadena, Cal., with her husband and two children.

Health Philosophy: “Give yourself the gift of exercise.”

Vitamins/Supplements: Tracey takes a regular women’s daily multivitamin. Her secret ingredient for building lean muscle? Whey protein. “As a recovery drink after a hard workout, I’ll drink a raspberry or strawberry smoothie with natural whey protein powder blended in,” she says.

Favorite Workout: “Pilates, dance, running…and Booty Barre, of course!”

Motivational Trick: Make no excuses.I’m just like any human…when I wake up early in the morning, do I want to exercise? No. But I know how great I’ll feel after going for a run or after leading a Booty Barre class,” Tracey says. “To me, there is no excuse. You have to make exercise a priority.”

Favorite Healthy Dish: “Sushi! I love sashimi. And Indian food, because I grew up in the U.K.”

Secret Weapon: Commitment. Tracey says, “I exercise religiously every day. That is my secret weapon to why I look good, why I feel good, why I have confidence in myself.”

Role Model: Jane Fonda. “I heard her speak at a fitness expo, and it was very inspiring,” Tracey says. “She’s 75 and she looks phenomenal. I actually got to meet her! She’s like an idol to me.”

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