2013 Most Valuable Motivator: Ali Vincent

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on February 7, 2013
Ali Vincent shares her inspiring story with Spry magazine.

Claim to fame: On Season 5 of NBC’s hit makeover series The Biggest Loser, fan-favorite Ali Vincent lost an astounding 112 pounds, shedding half her weight—and making her the first-ever female contestant to win the competition. Vivacious and captivating, Ali inspired viewers with her amazing transformation and indelible will to succeed. It has been almost six years since the show wrapped up in 2007, but Ali hasn’t used that as an excuse to slack off on her weight-loss goals. Lately, Ali is back in high gear as the host of her own Live Well Network show, Live Big With Ali Vincent, which follows Ali on her personal mission to empower individuals across the country to lead healthier, happier lives. Ali’s personal health philosophy is “believe it, be it,” a concept she promoted in her November 2009 memoir, entitled Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life. Whether she’s competing in Ironman competitions, hiking to the top of Camelback Mountain in Arizona, or speaking in front of a 1,000 people, Ali is always looking to challenge herself in new and monumental ways. She may have lost half her former size, but Ali has gained a whole new perspective on life, health and following your dreams.

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Health philosophy: Consistency is key. “It’s all about making small changes,” Ali says. “Don’t commit to anything you can’t do forever. That’s why I never cut out entire food groups—it’s not realistic for me to say I’ll never have a glass of wine or eat a piece of bread ever again.” 

Vitamins/supplements: To fill in nutritional gaps in her diet, Ali takes a daily women’s multivitamin “I love gummy vitamins—they taste like candy!” she admits with a laugh. She also regularly drinks protein shakes to help power through tough workouts.

Favorite workout: To stay fit and keep herself accountable, Ali regularly signs up for new races or competitions. “Having a goal forces me to stick to my fitness plan,” Ali says.

Favorite healthy dish: For a go-to healthy meal that’s full of flavor, Ali prepares healthy tacos using low-calorie corn tortillas, ground turkey, black beans, avocado and fresh pico de gallo. “I love Mexican food, but it’s so unhealthy,” Ali says. “These tacos are mouth-wateringly good—but for a fraction of the calories.”

Secret weapon: Keep a journal. “It gives you a chance to look at all of the choices you make every day and identify room for improvement,” Ali says. “It’s my secret to staying present.”

Role model: Ali’s role models are her two sisters. “My sisters are my biggest inspiration. They’re healthy and calm,” Ali says. “They have children and busy lives, but they find the time to take care of themselves. For me, success means balancing all of your responsibilities so that you still have the life you dream of. My sisters are great examples of that.”

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