2013 Most Valuable Motivator: Gin Miller

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on January 31, 2013
Gin Miller is a fitness and exercise expert.

Claim to fame: Meet Gin Miller, one of the most influential creative forces in the world of fitness as we know it. Gin is the brainchild behind the step aerobics revolution that took the fitness industry by storm in the 1990s and continues to be a mainstay in health clubs and fitness centers across the globe. Gin’s innovative step training program has helped generations of women slim down, tone up, and get fit—all while having a good time. One of the most respected and highly-acclaimed professionals in the fitness industry, Gin has won numerous awards over the past two decades, including the 1991 IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s Instructor of the Year Award, the NY Metro Sports Award, and the World Fitness Festival Innovation Award. In 2006, she was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, a ceremony recognizing pioneers and leaders in fitness. Currently, Gin runs her own video production company, Gin Miller Productions, LLC, and serves as a corporate consultant for product development and wellness programming.Gin has appeared in more than 60 workout DVDs, her most recent being her “Swing Yourself Fit Kettlebell Workout” DVD produced by Empower.

Health philosophy: “Do something extraordinary.” “Every single time you do something, give it your all. Do the best you can,” Gin explains.

Secret weapon: Absolutely no food after dinner. “This is the number-one thing I tell my clients to do. If I’m feeling tempted to snack at night, I will sip tea or take a hot bath instead.”

Motivational trick: Tape the question “WHY?” to your refrigerator. “People eat to satisfy emotions—boredom, sadness, stress. Asking yourself why you are eating will empower you to make a change. 

Favorite healthy dish: Asian-spiced salmon with quinoa and vegetables. “I load up on ‘live food’—fresh vegetables and lean protein. Anything that comes from a box is dead food.”

Favorite workout: From step aerobics to bike rides to kettlebell training, Gin loves to keep her body guessing. “When I work out, I work out as hard as I can. I don’t just go through the motions,” she says.

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