2013 Most Valuable Motivator: Jeff Galloway

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on March 8, 2013
Jeff Galloway is one of American's top running experts.

Name: Jeff Galloway

Claim to fame: As a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic Team, Jeff competed against fellow world-class athletes in the 10,000-meter dash. Since then, he has crossed the finish lines of 120 marathons, broken numerous records, and logged thousands of miles on the pavement. He may have a long and distinguished running career, but Jeff’s proudest accomplishment has been instilling a passion for running in hundreds of thousands individuals across the country. The founder of the Galloway Marathon Training Program, a training program that takes place in more than 40 cities nationwide, Jeff has coached over 200,000 runners and walkers over the years. He has drastically revolutionized the world of running with his innovative RUN-WALK-RUN™ method, a training plan designed to prevent injury and promote optimal performance. A successful author, Jeff has written 19 influential books on running, walking and nutrition, including Galloway’s Book on Running (1984), the best-selling running book in North America, and his most recent book, Run-Walk-Run. Widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on running, Jeff Galloway was inducted to the Nike Walk of Fame and was listed as one of the top running experts in the 40th anniversary edition of Runner’s World. He is a monthly contributor to Runner’s World magazine and travels the country as a motivational speaker.

Favorite healthy meal: “A vegetable meal of collard greens, broccoli, spinach and black-eyed peas,” says Jeff.

Health philosophy: “Enjoy exercise, do it regularly, and stay focused on what goes in the mouth.”

Motivational trick: “To stay on track with eating, I find it helpful to use a website such as www.fitday.com and analyze nutrients and calorie balance at least every 3rd day.”

Secret weapon: “Every day, I run, with walk breaks, for 30 minutes or more,” Jeff says. “This improves attitude, activates brain circuits, improves vitality and leaves me feeling good about the rest of the day.”

Biggest Inspiration: “I have three: Elliott Galloway (my father), Billy Mills (the 1964 Olympic 10K champion), Geoff Hollister (my long-time best friend and author of Out of Nowhere).”

Five Minutes With Jeff Galloway