25 Inspiring Quotes from Extraordinary Centenarians

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on March 28, 2013
Thoughtful advice from seniors who are age 97 and older.

With age comes wisdom—so centenarians must have plenty to share. That’s the premise of the new book Extraordinary Centenarians In America: Their Secrets to Living a Long Vibrant Life by Gwen Weiss-Numeroff, which profiles 30 men and women between the ages of  96-116. They share their secrets to good health, good marriages and aging gracefully. Here are 25 of their best quotes on aging.

“Don’t fight the day, just let it be. Get up and be positive.” — Gussie Levine, 100

“My 80s were the best years of my life!” — Besse Cooper, 116

“Find a cause and knock yourself out for it. It will enhance your brainpower, interest in life, and keep you alive longer.” —Alyse Laemmle, 96

“Don’t stay mad at anything—you have to get used to the losses, otherwise you can’t win.” — Benjamin Goldfaden, 99

“Pizza is going to support a whole generation of cardiologists!” — Dr. Leila Denmark, 114

“I’ll never retire as long as I live—that’s like retiring from life! I’ll never stop writing, teaching, lecturing. If you’re in good health, living is exciting on its own.” — Bel Kaufman, 101

“Do things that you’ve never done before.” —Lillian Modell, 100

“My longevity is attributed my long, happy marriage. We did everything together. She was perfect in my eyes.” — Gardner Watts, 98

“What’s controlled my age more than anything else was my mental capacity. I loved school, and was always very active.” — Sandra Horowitz, 97

“Sow good seeds for your children. Teach your children to give.” — Winifred Thomas, 101

“Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t retire!” —Ebby Halliday, 101

“I try not to make a big fuss over things. I always said, ‘This too shall pass.’” — Barbara Brody, 102

“You must keep active, or you will just wither away. Always be involved in some activity.” — Miriam Henson, 105

“Be and do the best that you can. If you are unhappy about something, take action and try to improve it.” — Hilda Schwall Berner, 97

“I want to share—it makes you strong. Not wanting a whole lot makes you feel satisfied.” —Loretta Hodge, 102

“Life was not easy, but it made me stronger.” — Johanna Zurndorfer, 97

“For a long, healthy life, you need a plan and a purpose. It could be family, writing a book or becoming president. Without a purpose, plan or objective, what do you need?” — Irving Ladimer, 96

“You have to be lucky, but I made the best of things when bad things happened. I also ate prunes every single day.” — Morris Lensky, 101

“If it can be fixed, fix it!” — Anne Lomedico, 104

“Get involved. You’ll find pleasure and sometimes disappointment, but there is a sense of achievement if you participate in a successful undertaking, whether it is organizational or professional.” — Murray Shusterman, 100

“Be good, don’t complain—just get up and do.” — Jennie Cascone, 100

“Sleep well and have a Bailey’s Irish Cream before bed if you have a cold.” — Helen Mulligan, 101

“It is very important to have a widespread curiosity about life.” — Irving Kahn, 106

“Look inside your soul and find your tools. We all have tools and have to live with the help of them. I have two tools—my words and my images.” —Ruth Gruber, 101

“Think positively, enjoy your children, enjoy your life.” — Anne Lamont, 100

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