3 Nutrient-Packed Superfood Smoothie Bowls

Healthy Meal Ideas, Healthy Recipes and Nutrition
on February 22, 2017

Everyone loves a creamy, good-for-you smoothie, but what if we told you the go-to breakfast staple could be improved upon just by adding it to a bowl? That’s right—smoothie bowls are here to stay! Sure, they may eliminate the travel-friendly factor, but this delicious trend enhances the traditional smoothie with the addition of whole seeds, nuts, fruits and a host of nutritious and flavorful mix-ins.

Plus, according to Superfood Smoothie Bowls author Daniella Chace, chewing triggers the release of cleansing digestive enzymes, so consuming a smoothie bowl feels more satisfying than sipping through a straw. Whip up one of these gorgeous (and deceptively simple) bowls to make keeping your healthy eating goals a cinch! Below are three recipes from Superfood Smoothie Bowls to get you started.


Chocolate-Covered Cherry

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Olivia Brent

Hemp seeds, almonds and cacao nibs lend irresistible crunch to this velvety chocolate-cherry concoction.


Vanilla Pumpkin Cream

Vanilla Pumpkin Cream Smoothie

Olivia Brent

Zesty lime, bananas, pumpkin seeds and nutrient-packed carrot juice set the stage for this very-vanilla bowl that’s far from boring.


Blueberry Cherry Whip

Blueberry Whip Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Olivia Brent

Cure-all turmeric and leafy spinach come together in this berry medley to create a bowl whose nutritional benefits you just can’t beat. Top it off with coconut, crunchy seeds and a dash of freshly ground black pepper for an unexpected punch!