Kimberly Rhodman’s Weightloss Tips

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on December 1, 2011
Tami Johnson Teacher Kimberly Rhodman, who lost 89 pounds, keeps her students active.

We asked Kimberly Rhodman, Spry’s Most Inspiring Teacher, what are the five most important things someone should do if they are just starting out on their journey to lose a significant amount of weight as she did. Here’s what she offered up:

  1. Recognize that there is a reason(s) that you became overweight (e.g., physiological, emotional … both?). And be honest with yourself in exploring and identifying the reason(s).   
  2. After identifying the reason(s) for being overweight, take appropriate action to address the issues. If it’s a matter of needing to make changes in your personal life, then do it! But if you need help, don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance.
  3. Decide on a weight loss plan that will realistically work for you such as counting calories and exercising, teaming with a partner or joining a group.  Be honest with yourself about your limitations and challenges, but be prepared to feel as though you are making sacrifices at least initially, before your plan becomes a habit.
  4. Give away or otherwise dispose of any food in your home that will present a challenge for you. If this isn’t possible because others in your home are not on this plan with you, store your food in a separate area. If necessary, remove yourself from situations where others are eating food that you have chosen not to eat. If others try to persuade you into eating unhealthy food or food that is not on your plan, recognize that “’No’ is a complete sentence,” and use it as often as necessary. This is your life over over which you are taking control. Be as kind as possible, but this is not the time to worry about hurting other people’s feelings.
  5. Set a date to begin and “JUST DO IT!”  Stay away from the “I’ll start on Monday” plan to begin. Monday is not the magical day to begin your plan.  As soon as you’re ready, just start. If you delay, you might not be as hyped about it anymore. Also, avoid focusing on the scale. Schedule a regular day to weigh in, but remember that even if you don’t lose weight every weigh-in, at least you didn’t gain any weight.  Focus on your plan as a lifestyle change.