6 Sleep Apps for a Better Night’s Rest

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on March 11, 2014
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Let’s face it: we are constantly plugged in to the world of technology. How many times have you checked your email before bed? Responded to texts in the wee hours of the night? Scrolled through Facebook before getting some shuteye? While research has shown that the blue light emitted from electronic devices can disrupt our natural sleep cycles, it turns out you can actually use technology to your advantage. Whether you’re an insomniac or simply need to improve your sleep habits, these Smartphone sleep aid apps will help you nod off in no time.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, $0.99
Available for: iPhone

Do you notice that some mornings you bound out bed with a surplus of energy, while other days you wake up with a mental fog you can’t shake? If so, ditch your smartphone’s default alarm and download the Sleep Cycle app immediately. This innovative bio-alarm clock analyzes your body’s sleep cycles and wakes you during your lightest phase of rest so that you feel refreshed upon rising, not groggy. As an added bonus, the app monitors your sleep quality and duration and provides you with detailed data and easy-to-read charts, helping you better understand your daily sleep habits and identify areas for improvement.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, $2.99
Available for: iPhone, Android

Racing thoughts, anxiety and mental to-do-lists often keep us from experiencing a solid night of rest. Thankfully, this app remedies that problem by providing peaceful, guided meditation tracks to clear your mind and gently lull you to sleep. The hypnotic voice and soothing sounds courtesy of Andrew Johnson will help you turn off your hectic day and tune in to tranquility. Users report that they drift to sleep in minutes and achieve a deep, satisfying slumber that leaves them feeling rejuvenated by sunrise.

SleepBot, FREE
Available for: iPhone, Android

This comprehensive sleep app boasts a number of innovative sleep-tracking features, including meticulously-detailed visual aids and sound-recording capabilities. That’s right—SleepBot records sounds throughout the night so you can identify hidden culprits of restlessness, including snoring, sleep apnea or even sleep talking. As an added bonus feature, the app even records ‘sleep debt,’ indicating how many lost hours of sleep you should make up—giving you an excuse to score some extra shut-eye on Sunday morning.

Pzizz Sleep, $5.99
Available for: iPhone, Android

This customizable app allows you to select unique sound tracks that encourage relaxation and slowly ease you into slumber. As your very own tranquility DJ, you can choose how long you want your track to play, select from a variety of soothing sounds and voice features, and mix your very own relaxation track. The app promises to pacify a busy mind, assist with decompression, and promote satisfying, deep sleep. With an infinite amount of combinations, you’ll never have to listen to the same track twice—something other apps simply can’t offer.

Sleep Pillow Sounds, $1.99
Available for: iPhone

The ultimate authority on white noise, this app provides a comprehensive selection of over 70 high-quality ambient sounds that are recorded in nature, not artificially produced. While you can choose from classics like gentle beach waves, wooden wind chimes, and a bubbling stream, the list is far more exhaustive. In fact, if you’re fan of rain sounds, you can select from choices such as tropical rain, light rain, medium rain, rain on a tent, or even rain on a car and wipers. This thorough collection of ambient sounds promises to drown out external stressors, placate racing thoughts, and lull you into a deep slumber.

Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock, $0.99
Available for: iPhone, Android

Based on individually-tailored data that not only records body movements but also allows users to log external factors such as daily caffeine intake, physical activity, or alcohol consumption, this app calibrates precisely how long you need to sleep in order to feel refreshed the following morning. Taking the guesswork out of sleep cycles, this app tells you exactly when to fall asleep and wake up in order to achieve the most restful slumber possible. As an added plus, the app offers a stimulating game upon waking in order to test exactly how rested and mentally alert you really are.