7 Inspiring Videos From 2012

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on December 28, 2012
Most inspiring videos of 2012.

There’s no shortage of inspiring videos on the Internet, so narrowing it down to just a few was no small task! Of course there plenty of heart-touching ones where the soldier returns home from leave to surprise his or her children, brothers or other unsuspecting—and totally shocked—friends and family members (those reduce us to tears every single time!). But here are some inspiring videos from 2012 that we thought you’d enjoy revisiting as you reflect back on this year and look forward to the next. Enjoy!

Wrestling With Your Heart
When 12-year-old wrestler Justin Kievit went up against opponent Jared Stevens, who has cerebral palsy, the result was a pin that makes your heart smile.

Family on the Run 
Frustrated by the fact that North America boasts the most progressive health care system and yet is plagued by chronic health problems and an obesity epidemic, the Chicoines, a family of eight, set out on a nine-month Marathon of Health to promote healthier living. They circled Canada and North America on foot, as a family, with the hope of making a difference. Their story makes us want to rally the fam and lace up our shoes!

Have You Found Your Greatness?
It was a rally cry … a commercial so simple yet so moving that sent home a clear and succinct point. As an overweight jogger plods along a quiet rural road, the voice we hear underscores the poignant and powerful message: greatness is not reserved for prodigies and superstars. It’s something we’re all capable of. See for yourself.

Boy Genius
Jack Andraka was only 14 years old when he developed a dipstick paper sensor that can detect early pancreatic cancer. His reward? A $75,000 grand prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and accolades from the science field’s most esteemed researchers. He won a hefty prize, sure. But his findings signify two steps forward in the field of research for pancreatic cancer, a disease that takes the lives of more than 38,000 people each year.

Star Power
At Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars” benefit in October, which supported autism programs, pop star Katy Perry performed her hit “Firework” with Jodi DiPiazza, a young girl with autism. Break out the tissues, because it’s tearjerker, indeed.

Anything is Possible
Arthur Boorman, a disabled Gulf War paratrooper, was told he would never walk without the help of crutches. He was overweight and was incapable of most exercise. But with the help of a yoga instructor who believed in the impossible, he now walks unassisted, has lost 140 pounds and is active and healthy. Arthur Boorman is living proof that anything is possible.

Getting Stronger By the Day 
Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” became an anthem for those in the fight of their lives when Seattle Children’s Hospital’s hemoncology floor performed it. With every viewing, it fans a flame even more to do something to end the war against cancer.