8 Inspiring Plus-Size Fitness Bloggers

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on March 19, 2015

For many people, the concept of female fitness bloggers conjures up images of gorgeous hardbodies that look like they just stepped off the pages of a glossy Lululemon ad.

I’m never going to look like these women, we say to ourselves, so what’s the point of even trying? 

Despite the number of ridiculously toned, lycra-clad ladies you might see on your Pinterest feed, there are fitness bloggers out there who prove that healthy women really do come in all shapes and sizes. These kick-butt gals run blogs that promote their physical activities of choice—from yoga to running to aerobics—along with body acceptance and self love. As one of our favorite bloggers says, “athletic” is a lifestyle, not a body type.


1. Curvy Goddess Lounge

Curvy Goddess Lounge—a fitness blog for full-figured women—is managed by Diane Williams, a personal trainer and former plus-sized model from NYC. Her goal? To help women of all sizes get healthier, gain energy, and learn to love their bodies without depriving themselves. The site includes fun workouts, recipes, and inspiration for women who have continually struggled with weight loss and need support.


2. Mind, Body and Rebellion

Canadian Louise Green began Mind, Body and Rebellion with several goals in mind. With a background in group fitness and personal training, Green is an avid plus-athlete and proponent of the body positive movement. Her company, Body Exchange, provides fitness and adventure to a specifically plus-size demographic, striving to empower women to find their own unique beauty and build a freedom of self-love.

Mind, Body, and Rebellion | Spryliving.com

Mind, Body, and Rebellion


3. Plus Size Princess

Cece (aka Plus Size Princess) blogs about plus-size fitness, plus-size dating stories, and plus-size fashion tips. She created the #PSPfit movement on Instagram and Twitter, encouraging women of all sizes to share their fitness progress on social media. Cece’s blog is fun and super engaging—we especially love her homemade workout videos!


4. Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie, formerly Skinny Emmie, is a fitness-seeking blogger who shares her journey from 455 pounds to healthy. She documents the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of going from obese to healthy, highlighting the physical and emotional challenges she’s faced throughout the process. Emmie also features amazing plus-size fashion tips (and her outfits are always adorable!).

Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie


5. Body Positive Athletes

Leah Gilbert of Body Positive Athletes is a Aussie triathlete sponsored by 2XU Australia. Body Positive Athletes is a community of athletes, coaches, and fitness instructors who believe that “athletic” is a lifestyle, not a body type. Leah is a pretty incredible woman and an inspiration to athletes everywhere who don’t fit the stereotypical mold. Make sure to follow her on Instagram!


6. Too Fat to Run

Too Fat to Run or The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running is the world’s only resource specifically designed for plus-sized runners. Their misson: to get over 1 million overweight women running. The site was started by a woman named Julie Creffield who believes that every woman—no matter her weight—can enjoy running.

Too Fat to Run | Spryliving.com

Too Fat to Run


7. Born to Reign Athletics

Born to Reign Athletics believes every woman is a force of nature. Created by Krista Henderson, an award-winning multi sport athlete, Born to Reign Athletics provides information, tools, and resources for plus-size women who want to embrace an athletic lifestyle.


8. Curvy Yoga

Anna Guest is founder and CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) of Curvy Yoga, a training and inspiration portal for yoga students and teachers of all shapes and sizes. Recognizing a lack of information out there for curvy yogis, Guest decided to fill the void with a safe, supportive space that fosters empowerment and community between plus-size women.

Curvy Yoga | Spryliving.com

Curvy Yoga