Aerial Arts: Dos and Don’ts

Featured Article, Fitness
on September 18, 2012

Do skip class when you’re tired or injured.  That will help protect you from injury or further injury.

Don’t go to class when you’re upset or stressed. You won’t be able to concentrate—and that lack of focus is dangerous.

Do eat a light snack before class. Half a peanut butter sandwich (some carbs, fat, and protein) an hour before practice will help fuel your workout.

Don’t practice alone. For safety’s sake.

Do always use a mat and a trained spotter.

Do look into your trainer’s background. She may or may not have certification, but she should have training in traditional aerial arts and yoga.

Do ask questions. Raise any concerns about safety, physical limitations, etc., with your trainer and studio, and if those aren’t answered, go elsewhere.

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