Aerial Yoga

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on March 10, 2012

All forms of yoga focus on the mind-body connection and a raising of consciousness as well as fitness level, but aerial yoga is a bit different. This relatively new yoga manifestation is for the yoga student looking for a unique and fun take on yoga positions and sequences.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a new form of yoga that uses a fabric hammock prop as a yoga tool. While props are not new within yoga, the hammock is completely revolutionary. The hammock actually assists with traditional yoga positions to obtain correct form, states Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga. Aerial yoga students hope to achieve yoga goals faster than they would normally, but in a totally safe way.

Who can do aerial yoga?

Anyone can participate in aerial yoga. Beginners appreciate the hammock assist, and advanced yoga lovers will be impressed with the challenge the hammock can provide, guiding and assisting you to new yoga levels. You do not need to be a circus performer or professional aerialist. If you can sit in a hammock, you can do aerial yoga.

The goals of aerial yoga

Much like every yoga form, aerial yoga seeks to help students perform the traditional yoga positions and calm the nervous system by quieting the unproductive noise inside, helping students let go of stressful thoughts. This yoga practice helps students rise above the limitations of the mind and chakra knots that prevent energy from being accessible and creates a calm inner power.

The workout of aerial yoga

In addition to the mind-expanding possibilities of aerial yoga, the body is also strengthened with this form of yoga. The hammock helps students improve their strength, alignment and flexibility. The skills gained with aerial yoga will help them master other forms of exercise as well. Aerial yoga doesn't just offer physical flexibility but also deep breathing, serenity, mental flexibility and overall physical muscle strength.

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