Negotiating Airport Security—With a Disability

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on August 9, 2011

QUESTION: My brother and I have been planning a cruise abroad. He is 68 and now in good health, but had a colostomy two years ago. Unfortunately, he has heard horror stories on the news about people with medical devices or implants experiencing embarrassing situations due to pat-downs. He is very nervous about going through security for fear a pat-down might expose his condition. Is there some way we can avoid going through security?  My brother is so worried he is thinking about cancelling the trip. —Jane

ANSWER: Travel can be trying these days, but for those with medical conditions it can be a nightmare. Your brother’s fears are well-founded, but as his caregiver, you can put his mind at ease. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now offers TSA Medical Notification cards. The card tells the screener that the traveler has a health condition, disability or medical device that could affect the screening. There is a blank space where you can fill in his condition. Unfortunately, this card will not exempt your brother from a screening and possible pat-down, but it will notify the screener to be discreet and careful. If you would like to see a template of the card, go to Enter: TSA Notification Card in the Search box or call TSA at 866-289-9673. Bon Voyage!


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