Are Cooking Shows Making You Fat?

Featured Article, News and Advice, Weight Loss
on March 19, 2015

Bad news for Food Network fanatics: Your love of cooking shows could be causing you to pack on extra pounds. In a study out of Cornell University, researchers found that cooking show devotees who tended to replicate the dishes they saw on TV had a higher average BMI than those who simply watched without recreating the recipes.

These findings are interesting, to be sure, because they challenge the popularly held notion that cooking from-scratch is invariably healthier than eating out. But before you use this as an excuse to get takeout every night, it’s important to keep in mind a few things. First off, many popular cooking shows feature caloric, butter-rich dishes, which aren’t exactly great for the waistline; if viewers watched predominately healthy cooking shows, the results of the study might have been drastically different. Furthermore, cooking at home usually is much healthier, as long as you’re mindful about what you cook and steer clear of those one-stick-of-butter recipes. Until more research is done on the topic, it’s probably safe to continue watching Giada and Ida Garten!

Tune in below to learn more about this compelling study: