The Bar Method: Is It for You?

Featured Article, Fitness
on February 1, 2012

Even though it has been around since 2001, the Bar Method, a dance-inspired body sculpting fitness program, is hotter than ever. One reason could be the impressive number of celebrities who swear by the method—Drew Barrymore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Zooey Deschanel and Denise Richards among them.

Whatever the explanation, the Bar Method is now taught in more than 50 studios around the country, and via DVD anywhere, any time, to tens of thousands of students. The classes mix low-impact cardio, interval training, weight lifting and isometric exercises for a unique mix that elongates and tones muscles. Some moves require a ballet barre for stability (at home, a sturdy chair will do), and hand weights are also used to enhance the effectiveness of the subtle muscle moves included in each hour-long class.

Because it works the large muscle groups, the Bar Method is great for calorie burning. It’s also considered one of the safest exercise programs, as it was developed with the help of physical therapists to ensure the moves don’t stress the joints.

To see some sample Bar Method moves, go to The Bar Method's YouTube channel.