Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

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on November 24, 2014
holiday gift guide dog lovers

Pop quiz: Are you covered in pet hair 99.9 percent of the time? Do you insist on referring to your four-legged friend as a “fur baby” rather than a dog? Do you have an alarming amount of dog pictures saved to your phone? If you answered “yes,” to the above questions, then we hate to break it to you, but you’re sort of a crazy dog person. (Hey, it’s okay, so are we).

As crazy dog people, we firmly believe that our four-legged friends deserve to be spoiled on Christmas just as much as the next person…er, animal. So whether they’ve been naughty or nice, pamper the pup(s) in your life with these awesome doggie gifts.

Sleepypod ClickIt Utility and ClickIt Sport Harness, $64.99-$89.99 

sleepypod clickit

For a dog, there is no greater joy than riding co-pilot in the car with their head out the back window and their ears flapping in the wind. But just as you wouldn’t drive around with your toddler not properly strapped in a carseat, you should be equally vigilant about buckling up your fur-baby. Not only are unrestrained dogs a dangerous driving distraction, your pup could get seriously hurt in the event of an accident. Ensure your dog’s safety—and your peace of mind—with the SleepyPod ClickIt Utility and ClickIt Sport harnesses, which strap onto the dog’s body to keep them securely restrained in the seat. Both have been crash tested by the Center for Pet Safety, earning the highest possible ratings.

Yark Collar + Leash, $75.00-$125.00

Hadley Collar

Dakota Leash_turquoise

If your dog is a bit of a diva, she deserves the most stylish accessories possible. Endorsed by such Instagram-famous dogs as Toast, the King Charles Cavalier turned style icon living in NYC, Yark dog collars and leashes are made with premium leather and come in a number of fun, eye-popping colors. But for as fashionable as they are, Yark products are extremely functional and can withstand all weather conditions, from rain to sleet to snow. The cute triangular snap easily clamps onto your dog’s collar so you can grab your pooch and head out the door, no fuss required.

Personalized State Shape Pet ID Tag from Tags for Tails, $22.00 and up

state pet tag Texas_info on front_with star

If you’re looking for a unique ID tag for your pet instead of the mass-produced vending machine versions you can have laser printed at your local pet retail chain, Tags for Tails on is your answer. They offer 100% handmade, personalized pet ID tags that pay homage to your home state, pet’s name, or personality. Offering their products in gold, silver, and copper tones, these metallic tags turn from necessary items into personalized works of art to adorn your furry friend with.

Leather Dog Poop Bag Dispenser by HanaAzuki, $30.00


If you have to carry around a doggy poop bag dispenser, it may as well have some style to it! Most plastic bag dispensers are transparent and made of hard plastic, but HanaAzuki’s soft hand-made leather dispenser is lightweight and pleasing to the eye. Available in classic tan or red, you’ll never be embarrassed again to hook a waste receptacle.

Park It Mat Set in Slate by Peach Industries, $69.99


Lightweight yet durable, the eco-friendly Park It Mat offers a comfortable spot to train your pup to rest on while on the go. The companion bag offers an easy way to transport the mat in similar form and function to a yoga mat. The cold or hot concrete (depending on the season) won’t stand a chance against the water resistant bottom of the Park it mat. Added bonus—it is completely machine washable.

Bow Tie Dog Collar by The Rover Boutique, $40.00


Your dog will look dashing this holiday season in a handmade bow tie collar from The Rover Boutique based out of Toronto, Canada. Function meets fashion with prints and colors ranging from polkadots and gingham to plaid and nautical themes.

Homemade Organic Dog Treats by B.W. Barkery, $7-12

organic christmas dog treats

You’re persnickety about what goes into your mouth, so why feed your dog processed junk? While most store-bought dog treats are filled with strange ingredients and preservatives, B.W. Barkery’s organic homemade dog treats could easily pass as human food. Made with recognizable ingredients like blueberries, oat flour and flax seed, B.W. Barkery’s wholesome dog biscuits taste (and smell) just like blueberry muffins. (Confession: We were tempted to eat one ourselves). Great for dogs with allergies, these crispy treats also promote oral health by discouraging plague formation and keeping your pooch’s pearly whites looking, well, white.

 Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Kennel, $48-59.99


Are you jet-setting with your pup across the country this Xmas? If your furry friend happens to be a little pipsqueak (less than 20 pounds), he may qualify for in-cabin travel. Before you fly, though, it’s important to ensure that you have the proper airline-approved kennel—otherwise, you might risk getting turned away at the gate (every flyer’s worst nightmare!). Luckily, Sherpa® brand soft-sided kennels, which are available in small, medium and large sizes, are approved for use on most major airlines. In fact, the small- and medium-sized kennels come with a Guaranteed On Board® promise, so you can travel with peace of mind. Lined with a soft, comfortable sherpa bottom, the kennel ensures your dog’s comfort and safety on flight, while convenient shoulder straps make it easy to tote your pooch through the airport.