Your Guide to Choosing the Best Eye Cream

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on October 30, 2015
eye cream application

With so many lotions and potions promising to deliver better skin, diminish wrinkles, banish blemishes and a host of other “miracle” fixes, it’s hard to tell which companies you can trust. Luckily, does the work for you—here, they’ve broken down the best eye creams on the market so you’ll never waste your hard-earned cash on a faulty lotion again.

Not only does the in-depth review reveal the overall winners in the eye cream market, it also breaks down the criteria used to determine the cream of the crop (pun intended) and suggests products targeted toward specific needs. As an added bonus, you’ll learn what to look for in a product thanks to the information on realistic expectations for what the best creams can deliver as well as a list of tried-and-true ingredients found in popular options. Here are the top 5 ingredients uncovered, and you can see the rest here:

Retinol: Vitamin A, which works on skin by stimulating cell renewal. It is by and large the most prevalently recommended ingredient for anti-aging, especially for wrinkles, evening out skin texture, and combating acne.

Peptides: These helpful parts of amino acids boost collagen creation, lending a plump, youthful quality to aging and sun-damaged skin.

Ceramides: Skin lipids that “hold” skin cells together to help maintain structure.

Niacinamide: Vitamin B3 helps improve skin’s elasticity, diminish discolorations, and restore tone and texture.

Hyaluronic acid: This substance found naturally in skin can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, which means it delivers constant moisture for extra plumping action.

The Best Eye Creams

Taking the assessment a step further, explains just how eye creams work with your skin to treat common problems:

Eye creams deliver moisture a bit differently than their facial counterparts. Because the product is applied so close to the eyes, eye creams are usually much more gentle and contain a higher concentration of emollients to infuse hydration. Proper, deep moisturization is arguably the most important way an eye cream works. Consistent moisturizing plumps up skin, warding off dryness and visible blood vessels.

The Best Eye Creams

So which creams passed the test? Here are the top 5 products to nourish your skin and fight puffiness and dark circles:

To see additional top-rated products and for more information on choosing the right eye cream for yourself, check out for a full analysis of the myriad options available.