Best Foods for Healthy Hair

Beauty/Skincare, Featured Article, Healthy Living
on November 4, 2011

What you eat has the power to affect the health of your entire body, both inside and out. That’s why if you want gorgeous, “shampoo-commercial” hair, it’s important to pay attention to your diet. Studies show that nutrition is directly related to the structure and health of the hair. “Eat well and your hair will look shinier, stronger and healthier,” says registered dietitian Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “Eat poorly and you’ll notice your hair looks dry, brittle, and weak.”

While supplements can fill in nutritional gaps in your diet—and there are plenty of pills aimed at keeping your hair shiny and strong—eating a well-balanced variety of foods is the best way to meet your daily nutritional needs, according to Dr. Gerbstadt. Start by adding these eight, hair-friendly foods to your menu if you want to see improvements in your mane.