15 Instagram Yogis You Need to Follow

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on July 17, 2014
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Awe-inspiring yoga photography could be just what you need to push you to meet your fitness goals, or even just serve as a little reminder of how vital it is to stretch. These yogi gems, and gents, post mind-boggling yoga poses on their Instagram accounts, as well as healthy inspiration for clean eating and soaking in the joys of our outdoor surroundings. (Warning: If you are not an advanced yogi, do not attempt these poses at home. Seriously, don’t).

Amanda Bisk


This talented yogi only started practicing yoga 3 years ago. @Amandabisk is a former Australian Olympic pole-vaulter. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2011 causing her to quit pole-vaulting due to constant muscle pain and headaches. Since her diagnosis, Amanda has fallen in love with yoga and is an inspiration to 120,00 followers. You can learn more about Amanda on her site.

Rachel Brathen


@Yoga_girl travels the world leading yoga retreats and writing about her experiences. Blue oceans, summer hues and exotic cities dominant her Instagram, which has about 885,000 followers.

 Caitlin Turner


Caitlin, also known as @gypsetgoddess, travels to foreign destinations to teach yoga, and she is the host of Yoga Bliss on The Indonesian Channel. Her vibrant, gorgeous photos are all set in paradise. Let this yogi take you far, far away with her awe-inspiring backdrops. Caitlin also writes about her travels and shares workouts on her blog.

Kathryn Budig


This yogi is a contributor at Women’s Health and Yoga Journal, a sponsored athlete for Under Armour, and the founder of Aim True and Poses for Paws. While most of @kathrynbudig’s photos show off her yoga skills, followers will also get their fair share of cute pups and healthy meals.

Taylor Harkness


Mixed in with @Tjhark’s striking poses, followers will also frequently see this yoga teacher’s big, contagious smile and encouraging quotes.

Tara Stiles


Yoga icon @tarastiles is a respected yogi around the globe, and the founder of Strala Studios and Global Training Program. Tara’s site features recipes, workouts, and a clothing line.

Liz Arch


@Lizarch founded Primal Yoga and is a sponsored athlete for Respect Your Universe. Her colorful and outdoorsy photos are uplifting and will inspire you to do yoga anywhere throughout your day.

Tara Milhem 


At just 19 years old, @skinnybytara is a yogi, health coach and nutrition-bar-creator. Her combination of healthy food, witty quotes and fitness posts make her Instagram much more inspiring for fitness overall than just yoga poses alone.

Kerri Verna


Whether she is posing on the beach or by the mountains, @beachyogagirl posts stunning yoga photography in breathtaking nature scenes. Kerri teaches her yoga classes on the beach in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Patrick Beach


He has a beard, smoldering eyes, and he loves cats. What more can a girl ask for?! This hipster yogi proves any guy can do yoga. Let @patrickbeach amaze you with his Instagram and on his personal site.

Annie Lawless


For hard-working girls who need a little inspiration on how to balance a busy career and a healthy lifestyle, @babygenius23 is a must-follow. Annie is the co-founder of SUJA Juice and has her own blog, BLAWNDE.

Laura Kasperzak


Follow @laurasykora for creative photos of this yogi and her adorable daughter, reminding us it is never too early to start a yoga practice. Laura and her friend Masumi (@masumi_g) share a health and wellness website, Two Fit Moms.

Amy Rollo


@Amyrollo’s life seems to go something like this: travel to the wild, climb a peak, strike an impressive pose at the top…no big deal. Amy’s website features breathtaking photography, as well as blog posts inspiring followers to travel more and reap the benefits of yoga.

Stephanie Birch


@Stephynow’s photos take place on her wooded patio or serene indoor studio. Her artistic style incorporates playful illustrations and aesthetically pleasing poses.

Robin Martin


This acrobat yogi will make your jaw drop. Unbelievable partner poses, headstands, and balancing on one hand, are just a few of the remarkable photos you will find on @robinmartinyoga.