Big Changes in Store at National Parks

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on June 5, 2013
Family Buying Drinks at a Concession Stand

National parks will not be giving up the hot dogs and ice cream anytime soon, but they will be adding healthier options to their park menus. The new nationwide plan Healthy and Sustainable Food Program was introduced today by the National Park Service. About 23 million people buy meals in national parks each year, and this plan will make sure all its parks offer healthy food and beverage choices.

The new standards will be incorporated in all of the new concessions contracts and applied on a voluntary basis to existing contracts. Rules will require parks to offer fruits and vegetables with all entrees or as a la carte side dishes. Customers will be given low-fat and low-sodium choices as well as reduced-portion sizes when possible. Some of these options include: lentil soup, bison hot dogs, grass-fed beef, blackbean sliders, fish tacos, fresh tomato soup and produce from local farms.

Some national parks that have already started serving healthier food options are Arizona’s Grand Canyon South Rim, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, New York’s Statute of Liberty, California’s Muir Woods and Yosemite National Park.

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