Ali Vincent’s Travel Workout Tips

Fitness, News and Advice
on January 1, 2010

Have trouble fitting fitness into your busy life? Take a cue from Ali Vincent. In 2008, this Phoenix, Ariz. native accomplished an amazing feat when she dropped 112 lbs.—almost half of her previous body weight of 234—to become the first female winner of the hit television show, "The Biggest Loser." These days, she travels the country as a motivational speaker and just finished her new book, Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life. Despite her hectic schedule, and the absence of the super-intense sweat sessions with Biggest Loser coaches, Ali has managed to stay slim by coming up with tricks and tips that work for her life. Take a peek—they may help you keep moving, even when nearly every minute of the day seems packed.

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Move in front of the tube.
There's no rule that says you have to sit on the couch when you watch television. I like to twirl my weighted hula-hoop while I watch, but anything that gets you moving—dancing, marching in place, squats—will work.

Be prepared.
I travel in my sneakers and workout clothes and always pack a jump rope in my carry-on. While I'm waiting at the airport, I'll find a semi-private spot and jump rope, and do planks and sit-ups. If the hotel doesn't have a gym, I'll pack my DVD player and do workout DVDs in my room.

Use your body.
You don't need dumbbells or machines to get in a workout. Squats, lunges and pushups are a great way to challenge your muscles wherever you are, using only your body weight.

Take it outside.
When I returned home after the show, my brother, who is an athlete, had me in the yard running sideways and backwards around cones; I'd be on the ground doing bear crawls and crab crawls. I'd do shuffling and jumping—all of that got me moving and out of the gym—plus, it was fun!

Swallow your pride.
One of my issues before I lost weight was that I felt really bad about my body and I felt like people were watching me, but I realized you have to get over that. Now, I'll do squats while I'm waiting in line or walking lunges in the grocery store with my shopping cart. You have to not worry about what other people think and stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

Do what you love.
On especially busy days, I'll hit the swimming pool—no one can talk to you while you're in the water! I can zone out and it stretches my muscles and gives me a full-body workout. I even feel more creative and inspired while I'm swimming. Find the exercise that makes you happy and do it!