Build a Healthier Sandwich

Featured Article, Healthy Recipes and Nutrition
on August 1, 2012

Go topless. Open-faced sandwiches like this traditional Danish Smørrebrød can save you up to the 150 calories in a slice of bread.

Just add fruit. Top nut butters with berries instead of jam. Or pair sweet and savory, Kimberley says. “Mango, cheese and basil? Pear, thyme and goat cheese? The sky’s the limit!”
Rethink your spreads. Instead of ho-hum mayo, try hummus, avocado, grainy mustard, or a smear of goat cheese or ricotta.

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Pile on veggies. Being generous with veggies like arugula or grilled zucchini will get you closer to your daily quota—and fill you up on fewer calories.

Get creative with protein. “If I use meat, I use it sparingly,” Kimberley says. Try a black bean burger, scrambled eggs or leftover salmon instead.