Cut Calories At Every Meal

News and Advice, Nutrition
on March 20, 2008

Breakfast: Flavor your coffee by sprinkling in cinnamon or nutmeg instead of flavored syrup; replace cream with skim milk.

Lunch: Banish croutons from your mid-day salad. Get the crunch you're craving with carrots, celery or nuts.

Dinner: Flavor your food during cooking with healthy juices to keep from adding high-calorie sauces to your meal. Consider using cashew juice instead of oil for stir fry (it adds a mildly nutty flavor); use apple juice to baste turkey or chicken instead of covering the meat with butter or oil; try marinating fish in orange juice for added flavor and tenderness.

Snacks: Pick popcorn (without butter)–the movie companion packs only about 30 calories per cup and is naturally high in fiber.