Forget the Fads and Choose The Right Detox for You

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on April 1, 2016
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Right now, detoxes and cleanses are a hot topic. No matter where you turn, people are talking about and trying them out. But is this a passing fad or something worth exploring? If you’ve been weighing the idea of cleansing, take some time to do your research and see which option (yes, there are a lot of them out there) is the best detox for you.


What are your detox goals?

Going in, decide what your detox goals are. One misconception people have about going into a detox pertains to weight loss. Although a detox can assist in losing weight, it should never be used as a tool to lose weight. Instead, use a detox or cleanse to help give you a boost of energy, improve your sense of well-being, and set you up for healthy, long-term eating habits.

The purpose of a detox (or cleanse) is to assist your body in removing the toxins which have entered through the foods we’re eating and our environment. You can prevent those toxins from entering your body by being more particular about what you’re eating or, in the case of a detox, not eating.

Still trying to decide about a detox or cleanse? Take a quiz to learn which detox is best for you here.





Which detox is best for you?

Once you know your health goals, you can do your research to decide which detox is best for you. During your research, keep in mind that we’re all unique and, because of that, not all detoxes are right for us. To get you started, here are 3 of the most common detoxes out there:

1. The Master Cleanse. You’ve probably heard a lot about celebrities implementing this detox in their health regime. Drink hot water mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper (use the drops which can be found at most health stores) to help you to remove toxic metals from your body. Side note: When you do a liquid diet (like this one) limit your cleanse to a weekend—especially if you’re new to detoxes. Want to extend this? Be sure to speak with your doctor.

2. Juice Cleanse. For about week, limit your diet to consist of only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. Include carrots, spinach, kale, and pineapple in your juice cleanse and explore the other many recipes out there. When choosing your fruits and veggies, avoid (or limit) citrus fruits, which can upset your stomach. Again, if doing this type of diet, limit it to just two days.

3. Liquid Cleanse. Unlike the fruit cleanse, a liquid cleanse includes pureed and miso soups, smoothies, along with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. Incorporate flaxseed, coconut, sesame, and other healthy oils into your smoothies and juices to ensure your body gets the omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients it needs.


Keep in mind, when doing a detox, you want to find one that supports you and your health goals. This includes ensuring your body gets the necessary nutrients it needs. If you’re starving and stressing out your body, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Before you begin any detox or diet program, talk with your doctor, nutritionist, or health professional to help you decide which detox program would benefit you and help you meet your health goals.


About the Author: Brooke Cade is passionate about health and wellness. She enjoys writing about all the things she loves in life, including yoga, hydrotherapy, Nature’s Sunshine products, and anything related to living life to its fullest.