How to Complain—Constructively

Daily Health Solutions
on November 30, 2010

1. Write it down. Journaling helps you see problems more clearly. Experts suggest 20 minutes a day, four times a week.

2. Don’t complain to those who have less. Griping about your housekeeper’s tardiness to a friend who’s flat broke or complaining about little aches and pains to someone who’s seriously ill is insensitive.

3. Don’t complain to a guy if you just want someone to listen. Men tend to be problem solvers, so they’ll often try to fix things, says author Karla McLaren. Try a girlfriend if you need a sympathetic ear.

4. Do be aware of how often you complain. Griping can become a mindless habit if you’re not careful, says Ali Domar, Ph.D. Be proactive and turn negatives into positives when you can.

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