Cycle to Burn Fat

Featured Article, Fitness, Workout Plans
on March 19, 2012

These 30-minute stationary cycle workouts from Spinning Master Instructor Stacey Davis will torch fat and calories and ratchet up your strength and stamina. They can be done on a spin, recumbent or upright stationary bike. Each workout includes recommended RPM (rotations per minute), RPE (rate of perceived exertion, on a scale of 1 -10), and heart rate numbers to help you reap the most rewards from your cycle. Davis also provides song suggestions to help you keep your cadence and stay energized.

Workout 1: Get-Strong Cycle
Davis’ strength workout improves overall endurance and trains your muscles to conquer transitions between flat roads and hills while you cycle. You’ll keep your cadence between 60–80 RPM (15 – 20 revolutions on one leg per 15 seconds) and stay at a RPE of 8–9.5 after a thorough warm-up.

Workout 2: Interval Cycle
You’ll switch between short, intense intervals and recovery zones during this ride. Interval workouts help your body get better at recovering quickly from challenging activities during your cycle. You’ll climb, jump and sprint your way to a good sweat—and blast plenty of calories along the way.