Diabetes Diagnosis: How I Found Out

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on November 1, 2010

Jerry Leary, 65
Arcade, New York

“I was having a pre-op test for another procedure when my doctor discovered I had type 2 diabetes. I was 54. It was strictly serendipity that they caught it. Right away, I took classes, began watching my diet and started losing weight. Three of the medicines I’m now on weren’t even around when I was first diagnosed. That gives me a lot of optimism for a future cure.”

Malika Bey, 45
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I had gestational diabetes during my third and fourth pregnancies. I developed type 2 diabetes after the birth of my fourth child. I was 30 years old. Having type 2 can be a little depressing. Sometimes it feels like I’m all alone. But last year I got involved with the American Diabetes Association and the Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes. It helps to participate in something meaningful.”

Amy Tenderich, 43
San Francisco, California

“At age 37, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had started losing weight and feeling week, and was close to a coma when I went to the ER. I wear an insulin pump and check my blood 10 to 12 times a day. But I feel good. I’m privileged I can lead a healthy life and grateful for all the tools we have to manage diabetes.”