Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Diabetes, Diabetes Type 2, Featured Article, Healthy Living
on February 22, 2008

Nearly two million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed last year. Lower your risk with the help of these tips from the Real-Life Guide to Diabetes by Hope S. Warshaw and Joy Pape:

Sleep more. Snoozing less than five hours per night significantly raises your risk for type 2 diabetes. Get more shut-eye by shaving 10 minutes off your bedtime every few weeks.

Watch your weight. Ballooning serving sizes can make it tough, but controlling your calorie intake will go a long way toward lowering your weight and diabetes risk.

Laugh more. One small study found that after two months, diabetics’ “good” HDL cholesterol levels increased after watching a funny video for a half-hour every day. The researchers think regular laughter could reduce risk of the disease, too.