Ellie Krieger’s Weeknight Wonders

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on December 31, 2013
Orzo Peas Shrimp and Feta

Delicious, healthy dishes in 30 minutes or less. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, right,” think again: In her new cookbook Weeknight Wonders, nutritionist and healthy eating chef Ellie Krieger showcases a selection of flavorful, no-hassle recipes with the busy cook in mind. Here are a few of our favorite picks from Ellie’s cookbook to help you get on track to a healthier “you” in 2014.

Caramel Popcorn-Peanut Balls

Popcorn Balls

Pizza “Strudel”

Pizza Strudel

Orzo With Shrimp, Peas, Herbs and Feta

Orzo Peas Shrimp and Feta