Energy Boosting Ideas

Daily Health Solutions
on January 1, 2009

If you think the only way to get an energy boost is from a cup of java, think again. A few simple tricks from our team of experts can rev you up for whatever life throws at you faster than you can say "Starbucks."

The M.D.: Dr. Susan Love, co-author of Live A Little: Breaking the Rules Won't Break Your Health

Get a quick lift from a short spurt of cardio exercise, like running up stairs or even marching in place for a minute or two. That gets your heart rate up and your circulation going so there's more oxygen flowing through your body.

The Color Expert: Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of More Alive With Color

Pump up your wardrobe or your living and work spaces with red, hot pink or red-based purple, orange or fuchsia. These colors, or any hues with a lot of red in them, cause your body to release energy-boosting adrenaline.

The Spa Expert: Susan Ciminelli, owner of the Susan Ciminelli Day Spa in New York

Melt tension and get rejuvenated with a reflexology foot massage: Using any finger, apply deep pressure in a kneading motion to your big toe and arch for a total of about five minutes. You'll be ready for anything!