Escape to Red Mountain

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on June 1, 2011
Hitting the trail Red Mountain’s daily hikes take visitors into Snow Canyon by way of trails like this.

Take 32 adventurous women and men from around the U.S., add the red-rock canyons of southern Utah, five-star healthy cuisine and a dash of premium pampering, and what do you have? Spry’s Healthy Inspiration Weekend, held at Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah, March 31-April 3.

Sitting at the edge of Snow Canyon State Park, the resort takes advantage of the rugged landscape and typically dry climate, hosting morning hikes for guests at all levels. In addition, the Spry group was treated to a special slick-rock adventure, where we hiked to elevations of TK with the assistance of the resort’s pleasant and knowledgeable guides.

Other highlights of the weekend were a private cooking demonstration by Red Mountain Executive Chef Dale Van Sky, who shared the secrets to some of the resort’s signature offerings, like its creative Carrot Peanut-Butter Spread. A simple  mixture of 2/3 cooked, pureed carrots to 1/3 natural peanut butter, it’s naturally sweet, lower in fat and higher in nutrients than the regular stuff.

Life Coach Cindy Clemons gave a provocative and inspiring workshop, “Are You Living ‘The Good Life’?” The author of Life Is a Do-Over: You Can Choose a New Path in Life!encouraged us to focus on “who do you want to be vs. what do you want to do and have?”

Members of the Spry group took part in everything from evening Canyon View Yoga in Snow Canyon State Park, to an innovative M.E.E.T. the Mustangs session, where participants were able to connect with wild horses. Massages, facials and body treatments with native herbs and other natural ingredients were enjoyed in the resort’s spa.

The Spry group, hailing from Queens, New York to the San Francisco Bay Area, bonded during group dinners and activities, vowing to stay in touch when they returned home.

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