Famous Fat Dog Recovering From Tummy Tuck

Family Health, Featured Article
on May 3, 2013
Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com/BiggestLoserDoxieEdition Obie, in white, post-tummy tuck

Move over, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. More than 90,000 people on Facebook have been following the training efforts of Nora Vanatta, a vet tech who has helped her dachshund Obie lose 40 pounds—nearly half his weight. Vanatta has chronicled Obie’s weight-loss journey on “The Biggest Loser—Doxie Edition” Facebook fan page, and on Wednesday she provided live updates and photos as Obie underwent a “tummy tuck” to remove two pounds of excess skin that were severely limiting his mobility. Today, Obie is home from the hospital, recovering well and even catching some rays, according to the latest update.

Obie, a 5-year-old dachshund, came into Vanatta’s care last fall after his elderly owners were no longer able to provide for him. At that time, he weighed a shocking 77 pounds—a healthy weight for his breed is considered between 16-30 pounds. He lost the weight with the help of a high-protein diet and light exercise, and will continue his regimen to try to shed 5-7 more pounds.

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