Fittest Fathers' Secrets to Living Healthy

Family Health, Featured Article, Healthy Living
on June 13, 2013
Celebrity fathers share their fitness tips.
Daniel Meng with his daughter

“I want to lead by example, and show my children the importance of staying active and fit. The more I maximize my health through working out and eating healthy, the more fun I’m able to have with my kids. Above all, that is the most important thing.” —Joe Montana, legendary NFL quarterback, Joint Juice spokesperson, and father Alexandra, Whitney, Nate and Nicholas

“I’m certainly not a young dad—I had my first child when I was close to 50—but because I’ve maintained a high level of fitness my whole life, I’m able to be an active and involved father. As a parent, I realize just how important being healthy is, not only because I’d like to be around for many years to come so I can enjoy my family, but also because I want to show my children that taking care of yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones.” —Bob Greene, former trainer to Oprah Winfrey, creator of the Best Life diet, and father to Kylee, 6 and Kaden, 4

“Being healthy has always been important to me, but becoming a father took that meaning to a whole other level. It’s very important for me to be a healthy Dad because I want to be here for my children and future grandchildren as long as possible. I have heart disease throughout my family. Maintaining my heart health through daily exercise and proper nutrition is imperative to my future health and longevity. My daughter may not appreciate it anytime soon, but later in life she will understand, and hopefully will teach it to her children as well.” —Daniel Meng, celebrity trainer, creator of My FitU, and father of Faith Elizabeth, 2

“I don’t want to be the dad who is so out of shape that he can’t hang with his kids while there playing, skiing, riding bikes, etc. I take my boys to the gym with me every time I go; they get to play basketball, play with other kids, and just have great, physical fun. They definitely sleep better on the days they go to the gym. I am also looking forward to the later years when I can work out with them. I just don’t want it to happen too fast though; I’m having a great time with them being three years old!” Tim Holmes, actor, stuntman, and father of three-year-old twin boys

“Dads who regularly exercise set a standard for their children. Many adults tell me they started running because their dads enhanced life in many ways by running after the age of 50. My daily runs give me control over my attitude and vitality, and enhance the rest of my life.” —Jeff Galloway, running expert, former Olympian, and father of two adult sons