Flu Tools

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on December 5, 2011
Apps to help when you're sick.

With cold and flu season in full swing, keep your health tools handy with this list of the top 5 health apps courtesy of Appitalism.

Medscape (Free for iPhone & iPad)
Medscape from WebMD is the leading medical resource most used by patients, physicians and medical students for crucial and update information. The home screen features a search function, medical news, sections for Drugs, Diseases & Conditions, Clinical Procedures, a drug Interaction Checker, and a bottom bar with more functions.

iPharmacy Pro (Free for iPhone & iPad)
iPharmacy is packed with many features, and it is a handy medication guide, drug reference, or drug guide. The drug information available include indications & usage, dosage & administration, contraindications, warnings & precautions, adverse reactions, contraindications, drug interactions, and over-dosage

Sleep (Free for iPhone & iPad)
Sleep is a customizable soundboard with 100 relaxing sounds of nature and ambient music. The app has ability to combine different sounds (including your own), specify different volume levels and save your combination. With the importance of sleep when sick this app will help you catch some solid z’s so you can beat your cold in no time.

Dosecast (Free for iPhone & iPad)
Dosecast is the most flexible and easy-to-use app for the iPhone and iPad to help you remember to take your medications and vitamins. Simply enter basic information about each drug you take, such as the name, dosage, and how and when you take each drug. You can setup reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule – or, unlike other apps, for a pre-set number of hours or days after the last dose.

iTriage (Free for iPhone & iPad)
This app was created by two ER docs, iTriage helps you answer the questions: “What medical condition could I have?” and “Where should I go for treatment?” It also lets you save, easily access, and share the healthcare information most important to you.