Four-Eyed Beauties

Beauty/Skincare, Featured Article
on October 31, 2012
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Windows to the soul or not, eyes can be the bane of a woman’s beauty routine if she’s one of the 67 percent of women who wear glasses. See what the pros recommend before you — or your glasses — drop from sight.

Nearsighted? Use liner on upper lids only. Nearsighted lenses can minimize eyes. “By just lining the tops of your eyelids, your eyes will instantly appear bigger,” says Christine Egashira, one of 16 elite, Sephora PRO Beauty Team makeup artists. “Metallic, neutral-toned eyehadows will also open the eyes.”

Farsighted? Use primer. Farsighted lenses magnify eyes and imperfections, so cream and satin textured shadows are safe bets; but don’t be afraid of powder shadows, Egashira says. “Apply a quality eye primer first to ensure that powder shadows won’t fall onto glasses or below eyes.” If you’re sporting these specs, choose neutral or darker eyeshadows, and use shimmer, liner and/or mascara sparingly.

Use matte foundation. “Makeup can smudge as your glasses slide up and down,” says Janae Caudillo, co-founder with twin sister, Jami, of Double Take Makeup Artistry in Santa Clarita, Calif. Matte foundation will stay in place better over shimmery or dewy formulas. The Caudillo sisters also suggest using yellow- or peach-toned concealer to camouflage dark circles, puffiness and shadows cast by glasses, and a highlighter to brighten the eye area. Blending is crucial, so take a look-see through your glasses periodically during application.

Tame your brows. “Keep them neat and even with—or a bit higher than—the eyeglass frames,” Janae suggests. “When brows are filled in and defined, the face appears younger.” And, finally, our experts advocate bold, hydrated lips as the perfect accent to any frames.
Curl your lashes. “Otherwise you risk lashes touching your lenses and getting little black flakes everywhere,” says Egashura of Sephora Downtown Seattle. Bypass lengthening formulas for waterproof, volumizing mascara instead.

Choose frame colors wisely. Consult a color wheel to determine the best shades for your shades, suggests Janae Caudillo, formerly a makeup artist for Armani. “We use one for clients who don’t wear glasses to help determine which eyeshadow colors complement their eye colors. Why not use it when selecting frames, too?”