Get Inspired to Move

on January 1, 2012
Becky's boyfriend Gary Bruce proudly supports her mission to move more.

“I’m not skinny, but I’m strong. When I used to tell patients to move more, I didn’t have much credibility. Now we sit down and talk shop. I have patients and co-workers training for running races and feeling stronger and more confident. The coolest part was proving to my patients that diet and exercise work.”
—Dr. Becky Eleck, a family doctor and former couch potato, started running in 2010 and completed her first marathon last fall.

“My whole goal has not been to reach a certain size or weight but about functional fitness. If I have to bend down and pick something up, I can do it now. I can go from point A to point B without getting winded. If I want to hang out with friends, I don’t have to worry whether I can stand that long.”
—Emily Sandford does aerobics, Zumba and weight workouts, going from 455 to 342 pounds in her quest to get fit.

“When I was a kid I loved biking, but as an adult I got away from that and was a reluctant exerciser. Then I tried a Spinning class. It was hard at first, but now I love the boost of energy I get. I bought myself a new bike, and now when I get on it, I feel like a kid!”
—Karen Oseland now teaches indoor cycling classes at her YMCA.

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