Get the Most From Your Walking Tour

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on September 6, 2011

Imagine getting up in the morning, smelling the blueberry pancakes and fresh-brewed coffee and setting off with a friendly group on a day of adventurous walking. You don’t have to plan a thing, read a map or schedule a reservation—all you have to do is follow the leader. Walking and hiking tours take all the angst out of vacation planning. Dream of a place you want to go, type “walking vacations” and your dream location into the “search” box on your internet browser and you will find a list of vendors ready to take you off the beaten track, find the quaintest restaurants along the way and make sure you have a relaxing dinner when the day is done.

I’ve been organizing my own tours for eight years with my own company, Walk for All Seasons, after spending many years directing the walking tour program for a major health magazine. So if anyone knows how to find the right tour for you—and get the most out of it—I do. And I’m willing to share my secrets here.

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