Gift Guide for Health Nuts

Featured Article, Healthy Living
on November 24, 2014
gift guide for health nuts

Health nuts are a rare and admirable breed. They could spends hours experimenting in the kitchen with a new kale chip recipe or on the yoga mat trying to conquer a new arm balance. If you’re at a loss for what to get your token vegan friend or the sister-in-law whose best friend is her bike, here are seven healthy gift ideas that we’d love to unwrap:

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender ($249.99)

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender_ group empty[1]

When we hear the word “ninja,” we think of a stealthy, lethal man who deftly karate-chops wooden planks in half. Well, just like a ninja, this heavy-duty blender expertly dices, chops and pulverizes your ingredients in a minute’s time. The possibilities are endless: you can use your Ninja to make beverages like smoothies and milkshakes, or you can get creative and use it to blend soup, mashed potatoes, even dough. The cons? Unlike a ninja, there is nothing remotely stealthy about this formidable beast of a blender. It’s about as loud as a lawn mower—so loud, in fact, that we nearly jumped out of our socks when it first roared to life. Also, it’s fairly bulky, so you’ll definitely need ample space to store it. But if you’re looking for a professional-grade blender that’s easy to use and easy to clean, then the Ninja is for you.

Merrithew Health & Fitness Mini Stability Ball, 12″ ($11.99)


mini stability ball

Pilates and Barre lovers can recreate their favorite workouts anytime, anywhere with this nifty Mini Stability Ball, perfect for toning those hard-to-reach lower abs. Our tip? Lie in your back and raise your legs straight into the air. Place the stability ball between your ankles; squeezing tightly, start to lower your legs until they hit 45 degrees. Feel the burn? Yep. We thought so.

Manduka ProLITE Mat ($86.00)


For the yogi on your Christmas list, this mat is a must-have. Super plush and cushiony, with a ridged texture to ensure that you don’t slip and slide all over the place when things get sweaty, this mat puts all other yoga mats to shame. Because of its compact size, the PROLite is especially great for on-the-go yogis. One small caveat: this product will spoil you for life. Once you downward dog on a Manduka mat, you won’t be able to go back to flimsy, thin regular yoga mats ever again.

Athleta Stripes Chatarunga Capri ($74.00) + Tracker Hoodie ($89.00) 


athleta chatarunga pants
tracker hoodie

Forget that oversized tee with the sweat stains and the dowdy pair of shorts—it’s time to upgrade your workout wardrobe. Cute workout clothes, we’ve found, is pretty much the best motivation to get you off the couch. Fitness fashionistas will adore this stylish combo from Athleta, which is perfect for yogis and gym rats and runners alike. The fun black-and-white striped pants have a built-in key pocket, while the comfy hoodie is made with a moisture-wicking fabric so you don’t overheat.

Juicepresso, $499.99


In case you haven’t noticed, juicing is all the rage in today’s health world. For busy bees who don’t have time to sit down and chow on a leafy green salad—or for picky eaters who haven’t so much as touched something green in years—cold-pressed juice is a convenient and fast way to ingest all of your daily vitamins and nutrients in a few gulps. With Juicepresso, green juice-aholics can create their favorite juice concoctions in the comfort of their kitchen. Compared to other centrifugal juicers on the market, Juicepresso extracts almost 40 percent more juice, so you really get your bang for your buck. Plus, the juices have a shelf-life of three days, so you can store unwanted juice in the fridge for on-the-go nutrition.

Tory Burch FitBit Carrier, ($195.00)


Love your FitBit, but hate how it clashes with your outfit? Problem solved: Many jewelry designers have stepped up to the plate with high-end accessories that disguise your fitness tracker as a stylish bangle or bracelet. We’re lovin’ this Gold Metal Hinged bracelet from designer Tory Burch, which transforms FitBits into a chic accessory. Rock this adorable gold bracelet to your New Year’s Eve party and nobody will know that you’re logging steps along the way!

Tasteful Pantry Subscription ($20-23/month)


Snacks. Snacks are the best! What could be better? We know: An entire box-full of healthy snacks, handpicked just for you and delivered to your doorstep every month. Give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving with a one-year subscription to The Tasteful Pantry, an LA-based service that provides specialized “Treat Boxes” tailored to your individual dietary needs, including gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and low-carb. Every month, they will be reminded of how special they are when they get a shipment of delicious, tasty snacks with their name on it.