Gift Guide for Seniors

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on November 27, 2012
Guide guide for seniors.

From safety devices to sentimental keepsakes, spread some holiday joy to the eldest members of your family with these great gifts for the grandparents.

A great holiday gift for seniors and grandparents is the Treasury of Joy and Inspiration Readers Digest book.

Gift Guide Pick: Treasury of Joy and Inspiration by the Editors of Reader’s Digest


Good will stretches far and wide during the holidays, and what better way to share joyful tidings than a gift meant to inspire. Reader’s Digest’s Treasury of Joy and Inspiration contains 25 stories featuring advice, anecdotes and quotes from America’s most influential leaders. The collection joins popular and unfamiliar intellects—with inclusions from Dwight D. Eisenhower, Helen Keller, Robert Fulghum and many others—in a powerful compilation. Covering topics such as joy, miracles, gratitude and healing, this anthology is the perfect bedside companion or coffee table conversation starter.

A great gift for grandparents and seniors is the Eye-Fi Connect X2 memory card.

Gift Guide Pick: Connect X2 Memory Card


Keep your loved ones connected with the latest in photo saving and sharing.Perfect for the technologically challenged, this memory card works through Wifi to instantly upload and organize photos to your computer or Smartphone hassle-free. With the endless memory function, images are transferred and automatically erased from the card, making limited memory space a thing of the past. After the initial configuration, this device is simple enough for even the least tech-savvy family member. Long-term back up to a personal photo cloud is available with Eye-Fi Premium for $49.99 per year. Compatible with most major cameras and devices.

A great gift idea for families or seniors is Telestrations board game.

Gift Guide Pick: Telestrations


Gather the family together for some old-fashioned fun with the latest board game sensation. Reminiscent of childhood favorites, Telestrations combines the time-tested “telephone” game with sketching to double the chaos. Since each player has their own drawing pad, no one is ever left watching or waiting for their turn. Misunderstandings and amateur artwork are sure to have all generations laughing. The game includes sketchbooks, markers, and cards for 4-8 participants (but we recommend playing with at least 5 for maximum hilarity.) Created for ages 12 and up.

A great gift idea for seniors is Brookstone's self-setting alarm clock.

Gift Guide Pick: Self-Setting Alarm Clock


Life just got easier with a time-telling system that literally sets itself. Designed for the forgetful (or technologically challenged), this innovative alarm clock does all the hard work for you. The device automatically adjusts its settings for daylight savings, resets after power outages or accidental unplugging, and stores your personal time zone settings. With the extended battery life and $8.99 2-year replacement plan option, this handy gadget will help save your loved ones time so you can make every moment count.

A great gift idea for seniors is motion sensing staircase or hallway lights.

Gift Guide Pick: The Perfect Position Motion Sensing Staircase Lights


These motion-activated staircase lights are a sensible pick to ease your worries and keep seniors safe at all hours. The cordless lights are easy to assemble, making them practical for almost any residence, and the included energy-efficient LED light bulbs illuminate a path for up to 60 seconds and detect motion from as far as six feet away. For those on your list who appreciate the practical side of multi-functional gifts, these lamps double as detachable hand-held flashlights. Requires two AA batteries.

A great gift idea for seniors or grandparents is Sharper Image's large photo buttons phone.

Gift Guide Pick: Big Photo Button Phone Dialer


Avoid wrong numbers with a phone that makes staying in contact a cinch. The Big Photo Button Phone Dialer comes with the option to program up to 12 phone numbers to speed dial with customized images for each key. With familiar photos and easily accessible buttons, this gift is great for emergencies or family members with weak vision. The phone also comes with vibrant pre-printed stickers for the hospital, fire department, police and doctor and plugs into most landline phones. It’s ideal for both the home and the office (and it’s also good for kids!).

A great grandparent or senior gift is a Shutterfly album.

Gift Guide Pick: Photo Book


For the sentimental shopper, Shutterfly’s personalized photo books are an affordable way to give a gift that’s one of a kind. Photo books can be made with as many as 1,000 pictures and are available in five sizes ranging from 5×7 to 12×12. The books come in soft, padded, hard cover and leather styles, and each one is completely unique with customizable covers, photos and captions. Use these books to gather old childhood memories or pictures of the grandkids. For full pricing and customization information refer to Shutterfly’s Cover & Pricing Details.