Offer Those Closest to You the Gift of Sight This Holiday Season

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on November 24, 2015
Holiday Grandparents

Searching for a unique and heartfelt gift this holiday season? Affordable vision insurance is the perfect way to show you care all year long. And this year, your gift helps a child in need see. | Sponsored by VSP Direct

Slippers, gloves, ties, candy—do you struggle with finding a holiday gift that’s both thoughtful and affordable? This year, show your loved ones you care with a gift that helps them see the world more clearly—and that lasts all year long.

This holiday season, consider giving the Gift of Sight to someone you care about by purchasing an affordable vision plan at Vision plans include an eye exam, plus contacts, or your choice of designer frames from numerous stylish brands, including Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenburg, and Nike.

And this season, there’s an added bonus to giving the Gift of Sight. When you purchase a vision plan as a gift, VSP Direct is giving an eye exam and glasses to a child in need through the #EyeGiveBack program.

Affordable vision insurance from VSP Direct is easy to give as a gift to family and friends for as low as $17/month. Find out more at #EyeGiveBackAdvertisement

The team at VSP hears inspiring stories of those benefiting from vision insurance every day, like this story from Amy F., a mother of two.

Amy’s youngest daughter—whom she lovingly refers to as “The Little One,” or TLO—was struggling in school. TLO was disinterested in reading and drawing and could not focus on her work. When she realized her daughter’s excessive energy was not to blame for the decline in her academic performance, Amy scheduled an eye exam to determine whether a vision problem was affecting TLO’s learning. Sure enough, the exam revealed that TLO was farsighted.

Right now, when you gift a vision plan to a friend or family member, VSP Direct provides a child in need with a free eye exam and glasses. View the video to find out more at #EyeGiveBackAdvertisement

“It started making sense why she wasn’t interested in the words in books or doing her writing assignments—she couldn’t see them!” Amy says.

VSP Vision | Gift of Sight

VSP Direct

During her daughter’s struggle, Amy learned about VSP Direct insurance, which offers individual vision insurance plans for those who don’t have coverage through their employers.

As soon as TLO started wearing the glasses she received through her new VSP Direct plan, her academic performance improved drastically and her learning problems all but disappeared. In fact, she advanced from first to third grade. Looking back, Amy is grateful she scheduled an exam for her daughter when she did.

“Without our decision to go in for TLO’s first eye exam, I cringe to think how she might be struggling in school not being able to see close-up,” she says.

If Amy’s story sounds familiar to you, or if someone on your holiday shopping list suffers from vision problems, you may have found the perfect holiday gift. The good news is that, like Amy’s daughter, many vision conditions can be corrected through a comprehensive eye exam.

Give the Gift of Sight this holiday season and VSP will donate an eye exam and glasses to a child who needs them. Visit to learn more. #EyeGiveBackAdvertisement

Whether your loved one suffers from vision issues, or someone close to you could benefit from an eye exam, purchasing the Gift of Sight through VSP Direct is a gift that gives twice.

VSP Direct is an individual vision insurance product provided through VSP Vision Care, offering affordable and high-quality individual vision benefits directly to consumers. Individual vision coverage includes an annual eye exam with a copayment, allowance for glasses or contacts, and access to the largest doctor network in the industry with 32,000 doctors—all backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. VSP Direct offers the lowest out-of-pocket costs in individual vision care and a typical annual savings over $200 a year.

Insurance policies have exclusions and limitations. For costs and complete details of the coverage contact VSP at 855.958.4746.