Energy Boosters From Denise Austin

Daily Health Solutions, Featured Article, Fitness
on January 7, 2011

Still tired? Try these tricks from Denise Austin’s book, Get Energy!

Sleep with the sun. Total amount of sleep may be most important, but experts say your body also functions better when you stick closer to the sun’s natural schedule, turning in early and waking near daybreak.

Improve your commute. Practice good posture to open up your chest and take in more energizing oxygen with your breaths even when youre in your car. Adjust the seat to a 90-degree angle, and tilt your rearview mirror so you have to sit up straight to see out of it.

Fall asleep with a smile. End your day on a positive note: Each night before bed, choose one thing to look forward to the next day.

Enjoy the great outdoors. Several recent studies have drawn a connection between being outside and feeling “alive.” In one, people who walked outside reported “increased vitality” compared to those who walked indoors.

Embrace “good enough.” Identify your perfectionist tendencies, whether it’s cleaning the house or being available to your boss 24-7, and try to gradually scale back your expectations of yourself. You may be able to increase your energy, but you’re only human!